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Are You Sleeping Enough?

Not getting the amount of sleep that you require can literally make you ill. Nevertheless, how do you know if you obtain sufficient sleep? You can follow the guidelines experts suggest if you need advice as to how long you should be sleeping. However, most people could do with more or less time than is recommended regarding shut-eye.

If you spend enough time snoozing, it is likely that your brain is operating on all cylinders. People who have insomnia often complain of having brain-fog since they are muddle-headed. In addition, their memory is impaired, so they fail to recall simple names and dates. If you find that you jokingly excuse your poor memory by saying “don’t worry. It’s just my Alzheimer’s kicking in,” you could be suffering from the effects of sleep loss. Joking aside, Alzheimer’s disease does bare similarities to the influence of not sleeping since the part of the brain that deals with memory is involved in both. Indeed, not remembering simple things is not funny at all when you consider that your behavior is the result of a brain malfunction.

Sleep well and the speed of your reactions will be normal. However, fail to get adequate sleep and you will move slowly compared to usual, and you will probably think slowly. Driving, or carrying out other tasks that require dexterity will be tough. Furthermore, you might find that your coordination is poor and you are clumsy.

Perhaps the greatest indicator that reveals whether you are getting adequate sleep is how stressed you feel. People with insomnia often have large amounts of cortisol in their system. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which is produced due to the fight-or-flight response to potential danger. Sometimes, having too much cortisol in your system can result in insomnia. At other times, not sleeping can lead to worry, which makes the stress chemical build and your mind race. Reduce your stress levels and you will find that sleep is more easily obtainable.

You might be aware that you need to sleep more since you frequently find yourself awake during the early hours of the morning. However, it is best to judge whether you are sleeping enough via the hours you spend in the land of Nod rather than how often you wake. If you go to bed at 10pm, and wake at 5am, you might have slept sufficiently. Likewise, if you hit the hay at 11pm, sleep until 2am, and go back to sleep at until 7am, you need not worry about having been awake for an hour since you will have still slept fairly well.

As a rule, you will know that you need to improve the length of time you sleep when you feel under the weather. If your coordination and reaction speeds are poor, you keep catching colds, you feel as though you are under pressure all the time, and your memory is not as good as you think it should be, you probably need extra shut-eye

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